Dedicated To The Craft - Bob and Ben McTavish

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posted by tvandenberg

There are few names in the world of surfing that will last forever, and even fewer who have actually contributed to the progression of the pursuit… Bob McTavish, is certainly one of those names!

Whether you’re an aspiring WSL pro, a weekend warrior or a soul-arching spirit surfer, Bob McTavish has had a massive impact on you and what you’re sliding on… in other words, if you don’t know who Bob McTavish is, please quit surfing… like now!

A ‘Surfing Hall of Fame’ inductee, Bob has been pioneering surfboard design since the early 1960s. His revolutionary vee-bottom design, which many surfboard manufacturers still utilize today. The unique deep vee-shaped keel throughout the bottom third of the board paved the way for not only more progressive surfing, but more innovative longboard designs and perhaps most notably, for what was to become the ‘Shortboard Revolution’ in the mid-1960s. He introduced the first shortboard to the USA at Rincon in 1968. Bob McTavish along with Nat Young, wanted to mimic the way their kneeboarder mate, George Greenough, could ride waves with quick turns in the power pocket of the wave. This was the catalyst that sparked the creation and innovation of modern day surfing.





Bob also has a Son, Ben, who’s followed very much in his father’s footsteps, and even begun to branch out in his own direction with experimental and progressive surfboard design… Like his old man, he also shreds and is also an absolute legend!

An accomplished surfer, Bob was Queensland state champion from 1964-1966 as well as runner-up to Nat Young in the 1966 Nationals. He has featured in some of the best surf films of the 60s and 70s, including The Young Wave Hunters and The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun, both epic productions. He knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to designing boards, and is always exploring the never ending possibilities of board progression!

Fast forward to 2016 and Bob Mctavish is still shaping and innovating surfboards, as well as launching a new apparel range. Check out McTavish boards and apparel on SurfStitch and get yourself a piece of Australian surfing history.