Beauty In Isolation - Jackson and Ellie-Jean Coffey in the Telo Islands

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The Telo Islands, nestled close to the equator bordering The Doldrums and The Inter-convergence Zone are home to some of the world’s most consistent weather patterns, bringing calm light winds and reliable user-friendly surf to an abundance of scattered atolls, islands and reefs… Regarded as the most consistent surf spot in the world, but also home to some of the most sought after fishing grounds, holiday and photoshoot destinations.

Late last month, we sent Billabong advocates Jackson and Ellie-jean Coffey on the adventure of a lifetime to Resort Latitude Zero in the Telo Islands!

Getting to the Telo Islands is NOT like getting to your local surf spot. It involves a lot of careful planning and a serious love of perfect uncrowded surf… Usually! Luckily, the guys from Latitude Zero are all over it and took the guess-work out of the equation by putting us on a tiny little 7-seater plane that flew us from Padang to a tiny airstrip in ‘Telo town’, a small village on a small island just a 5 minute boat ride from the resort. Not only did that save us over 18 hours of labor-intensive boat rides, it was also one of the coolest things we’ve ever done, it felt like something out of a James Bond novel.


Straight off the plane and onto the Resort Boats where we met our captain – a bloke called Leigh. Originally from Australia but now residing in Bali, covered in sailors tattoos and not a care in the world, his life was devoted to guiding surfers like us to the best possible waves in the area. A seasoned and well-versed Boat Captain, he was clearly very good at his job, finding perfect waves with offshore winds in almost any weather condition.



Each day we’d be up at sunrise, choose a boat (we fell in love with the lighter, faster ZERO 1, as it allowed us to park closer to the peak, and get to waves others couldn’t) pack the boat, and head off. We’d go up to 100kms in any direction searching for the perfect wave, some days we’d head south, some days we’d head north, some days we would just surf the perfect right-hander on the island itself, but we were always searching for a NEW and BETTER wave than the day before. We surfed about 30 spots in the 10 days, each time more perfect that the last, and never with another soul in the water. Ellie and Jackson would go wave for wave, practicing, teaching, party-waving, and surfing each day until they could hardly make the paddle from the peak back to the boat!

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In the afternoons, the guys would collapse back onto the boat. Ellie would read and Jackson would nap as we made the short trip back to the resort. When we got ‘home’, the guys would be revitalized and ready for an afternoon swim in the pool, a Bintang, a banquet for dinner, and about a thousand games of pool.


Each day was like clockwork – Wake up, drive to perfect waves, surf perfect waves until your body wouldn’t let you anymore, drive home, enjoy the resort, sleep… repeat!


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