Peony Exclusive Shoot With Photographer Sami Lorking-Tanner

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posted by James Willmott

From shooting swimwear on pristine beaches to working a full-time job, freelance photographer Sami Lorking-Tanner spends her time scoping locations and planning props in order to capture those perfect summer shots and moments.

Recently completing an exclusive shoot for SurfStitch and Peony Swimwear, we picked Sami’s brain to learn more about her creative mindset and to talk all things shop.
You often work alongside Peony, can you tell us about yourself and what you are about?
I am lucky enough to work with Peony from time to time. We’ve developed a really lovely relationship and run into each other all the time. I’m a freelance photographer with a full time job so the term FREElance isn’t something I can relate to but I’ve always made it work. It’s definitely a big love of mine and I really couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing with my free time.

Can you tell us about your recent shoot for Peony and SurfStitch? 
This shoot was on one of those perfect beach days where you couldn’t be happier waking up, getting in the car and getting down south to get the day started. Becky gave me total freedom in terms of location and props which made planning and hunting super fun for me. Isabelle was the model who is an absolute dream as you can see, she made the day of shooting incredibly easy and as it was just her and I it was very relaxed.

What were the styles used? Do you have a favourite to shoot?
We shot most styles from Peony’s Spring collection. They are all a dream to shoot, the shapes and fits are always so beautiful, but I was particularly drawn to the Mineral and Pacific styles. The woven honeycomb fabrics are incredible in person and a blue palette is one of my favourite colours to shoot. They pop on camera and they were my personal favourite kinis’ too!
What equipment do you generally use?
Generally it’s just my camera, I don’t usually use any other equipment unless I find it necessary. But considering the perfect day and my love for natural light we were all sorted.

How do you think this helps capture what you want?
I personally like to just work with what I’ve got on location and we had all sorts of different light and shadow to play with which I think is all you really need.

What’s the best parts about working with Peony?
Becky definitely has an incredible eye for detail and even though I had a lot of creative freedom with many aspects of this shoot we are very like-minded when it comes to what we like so it made things incredibly easy to flow with. She’s also great on the communication front and always lets me know any specific details that I need to be sure of. It’s always easy going and laid back with Peony, so I love being a part of what they do, not to mention scoring a bikini at the end!