A Moment With Photographer, Renee Carey

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posted by James Willmott

Renee Carey needs no introduction. The 26 year old fashion photographer has built a strong reputation throughout the world thanks to her years of travel, and certainily isn’t stopping any time soon. Now firmly planted back in her hometown of Los Angeles, she continues to turn heads through her ability to snap those perfect moments, accompanying each and every one with a smile that tells a thousand stories.

The woman responsible for making magic behind the lens at the first official campaign shoot for SurfStitch’s exciting new (and exclusive) label, The Hidden Way, we pulled Renee aside for a quick catch up.


Thanks for catching up Renee! Let’s get straight into it. Describe yourself in three ways.
Thanks for having me! 26 / Female / Los Angeles

We are a huge fan of you work! How did you first get into photography?
Thank you! I’ve always been around creatives in my family growing up, around talented artists so it was natural for me to find an outlet. I started playing around with cameras young and I loved it. I love shooting fashion and I feel lucky to have it as my job.

Can you tell us about the recent campaign you shot for The Hidden Way?
We had such a good team, everyone involved is good friends of mine besides our lovely model which I had just met that day but she was so great to work with -everything flowed absolutely beautifully.

What equipment do you shoot with?
I shoot with film and digital, mostly film though.

A hard one, who is your photographic inspiration? 
I don’t find inspiration from one particular person, I try and find my work coming from other types of art.

What will we find you doing on your days off?
Right now I’m working on two books I need to finish and building an art studio out of my garage, trying to get into making more things so that is keeping me pretty consumed for now!

Tell us your five favourite places in Los Angeles.
My car… ha, joking of course! hmmm… lately Colombos Jazz Club and Restaurant, Davey Wayne’s, All Star Lanes for the karaoke, Teregram ballroom and Short Stop. I’m always changing for what I’m in the mood for…

Dive deeper behind the lens Renee on her website here or visit her Instagram page here.