Banks x Slowtide: Beach Towel Photo Series

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posted by Brianne Worth

Slowtide X Banks Journal present “A Maine point of view” with Nick Lavecchia.

Take two and catch up with the featured photographer, around his hometown of Maine and gain a better understanding of his creative process and favourite places for inspiration when he’s capturing the shots that landed him a spot in this exclusive towel series. This is just the beginning of this unique series, we encourage you to jump on board and get involved in this collaborative project with your own photos. Who knows, your photography could make its mark on beaches across the globe!

Since the invention of the camera, photographers have been capturing moments in time that showcase more than just the image itself. Photographs have the ability to capture the culture, vibes and way of life of their subjects, allowing us to keep a little piece of the experience with us long after the moment has vanished. We usually carry these moments in the form of an Instagram upload or an iPhone photo, where we share that perfect summer snap online for the masses to see – but, imagine if you could transform the humble beach towel into a canvas that allows talented photographers to share that next level shot with the world? The teams at Banks Journal & Slowtide have done exactly that by turning your everyday towel into a blank canvas for their featured photographers to fill.

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