Sustainability: Auguste x One Percent For The Planet

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posted by Brianne Worth

Drawing from the unique fashion culture and 70’s nostalgia of the coastal town of Byron Bay, Auguste creates timeless designs that are made to outlive passing trends and become a staple piece in your wardrobe. Unlike many labels, Auguste rejects the idea that clothing should only be worn once or twice, in favour of the idea that clothing should last to collect memories as you do. This kind of forward-thinking has become a consistent theme across the brand, as they recently partnered with 1% For The Planet, an international sustainability organisation, for their latest campaign to help spread the important message.

To learn more, we caught up with some of the brands key individuals to chat about their involvement with this cause, their motivations, as well as their plans for the future.

Tell us all about Auguste’s partnership with Global Sustainability organisation 1% For The Planet?
One Percent is a global movement that helps brands and individuals contribute to the movement of a healthier planet. Through it, we have pledged to donate 1% of all our annual takings to the movement – focusing on two charities: Orangutan Land Trust and The Australian Marine Conservation Society. For me, joining with 1% was about ensuring  consistency.  That, no matter what environmental initiatives we have going on as a brand, we are always giving back!

Why have you chosen these organisations and what makes them so special to you and the rest of the Auguste family?
Having lived a decade of my life in Indonesia, I have seen the destruction of orangutan habitat first hand. Orang-uan Lan trust helps to preserve the land that they need to re build numbers and once again thrive as a species – this is an endeavour that is incredibly important! Orangutang’s are intelligent, precious, loving,  sentient beings and what is happening to their habitat frequently to them individually is heart destroying and we need to stop it, it’s their right to thrive in the natural habitat they were born to.

And in regards to the Marine Conservation Society, growing up by the ocean has made the preservation of it an incredibly personal thing for me – and I know it’s the same for my Team. My whole family lives for the ocean, my partner an avid surfer and my children are never happier than when they are in the ocean, not to mention all of the precious marine wildlife. The AMCS is also a big drive of the ‘Fight For The Reef Campaign’ something I believe everyone should be involved in – before it’s too late!

Is this something you want to continue moving forward? Obviously every bit counts!
Definitely – I think think is such an amazing movement and something we are committing to for the long term.

What messages do you have for other people and label’s looking to be involved?
If you’re lucky enough to have a successful business – then you should be part of the solution – or the revolution – of giving back to the planet that is making your endeavours possible in the first place! its OUR responsibility.