Paying Homage: Rusty's 'R And Everything Else'

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posted by James Willmott

Paying homage to the most iconic brands is something we love to do, and why wouldn’t we? It’s those little things that paint the timeline of a perfect picture that keep us intrigued; the understanding and admiration behind a brands important decisions throughout crucial times, the choice and reasoning behind their chosen products and the establishment of something that would one day (and since has) changed the world of their chosen field. The things that at one stage were so simple, though that have now run and brought the brands success into modern day.

And so we introduce Rusty Preisendorfer, aka the man, the legend, but certainly no myth, behind Rusty. From simple beginnings to eventually running a worldwide empire to dedicated surfers alike, Preisendorfer’s story is one to admire, and one we wish to share with you.

Join the man himself and discover the true history of Rusty, including the development of the iconic R dot symbol, his first boards and much more in the brands feature flick, ‘R And Everything Else’.

In Rusty’s eyes you only ever needed 3 things to go surfing; waves, surfboards and a decent pair of boardshorts.

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