Swimwear Trend Edit: Basics

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posted by Brianne Worth

With summer here and a world of swimwear trends to navigate, finding that perfect bikini can feel like the most daunting task on Earth. But when in doubt – less is more. The growing trend of simple swimwear has lead to the rise of timeless basics that are always on-trend, no matter what year it is. The humble swimwear basic not only offers an alternative to the heavy patterns that tend to populate store shelves, but also offers a cost-effective addition to your wardrobe that can match swimwear pieces you already own.

Whether it’s to mix and match with different colours and styles, or just to achieve that minimalist aesthetic – swimwear basics are a must-have this summer.

Remember the hot tip from Rhythm’s Brand Manager, Daniella Ciano. ‘Basics combined with prints can be fun! Don’t be afraid to mix and match with basics and prints too, the possibilities are endless, use your creative flair to combine different tops and bottoms, prints and colours for your very own unique look.’