Opening Night: Byron Bay's Art Show

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posted by James Willmott

Picture this: an assortment of both highly influential, internationally and locally recognised artists, all together for one afternoon of laughs, cold drinks, good vibes and unique artwork.

Off in full swing, this was what the first afternoon of the 2017 Byron Bay Surf Festival had in store for the thousands of surf culture aficionados lucky enough to be a part of the action. With the likes of Andy Davis (US), Brodie Jackson, Otis Carey, Tyler Warren (US), James McMillan, Matt Yeates, Paul McNeil, Nanda Ormond, Kei Otsuka (JPN) along with photographers, Hayden Richards (aka @sa_rips) and Byron local Ming Nomchong all showcasing their incredible, original works from their latest collections, it was an afternoon to remember and an afternoon we were proud to be a part of. To make things even more special, for the first time at the Byron Bay Surf Festival Nikon presented their prestigious Top 10 Surf Photos of the Year, which featured some incredible, unique shots from ten honoured photographers.

As a major sponsor of this year’s festival, we were there to capture the special moments and bring them direct to your screens. Join us as we take you on an adventure through the Byron Bay Surf Festival’s Art Show, and watch this space for more from the weekend!

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*Imagery: Brandon Rooney.