Go VIP: T.C.S.S. Launches Strange Brew at The George Hotel

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posted by James Willmott

We love a party, let’s face it! Particularly when it’s to celebrate an exclusive collection, independent music and all the cultures that surround them!

SurfStitch has proudly teamed up with legends at TCSS to create the ultimate compilation. From Shorts to Short Sleeve Shirts to Longboard bag, no stone is left unturned, and it’s all in corduroy. The compilation goes one step further, with a 12” album featuring bands; The Grease Arrestor, The Ruminaters, Hockey Dad, Bleeding Knees Club, The Gooch Palms, The Jim Mitchells and The Abigails – a perfect mix of tunes to keep the good times rolling.

To celebrate the collection launch, we rounded up the bands, some like-minded individuals and the who’s who of the industry, destination: Sydney’s George Hotel. Take a sneak peek inside and see what went down!

TCS8Strange Brew - LWA-56TCS92TCS5TCS7Strange Brew - LWA-21Strange Brew - LWA-19

*Imagery: Life Without Andy