Behind The Collection: Beauty & The Beast with MinkPink

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posted by James Willmott

Teaming up to once again tell the perfect story we all love and know, MinkPink and Disney are celebrating Beauty and the Beast in their latest collaboration. An incredible collection entailing everything from inspired denim bomber jackets, to rose petal dresses and printed tops, Beauty and the Beast is what you’ve been waiting for since first enjoying the original romantic fantasy all those years ago.

No doubt intrigued about these amazing and definite new editions to our wardrobes, we caught up with MinkPink’s Head Designer, Sara, to talk all things Beauty & The Beast – everything from how it first came to fruition, the inspiration behind it to what it took to bring it to life.

Thanks for catching up Sara! For those who don’t know, can you tell us who you are and what your role is at MinkPink?
My name is Sara and I’m the senior designer for MinkPink.

How long have you been with the brand and what was your personal journey to your current position?
I’ve been here for ten years. I was lucky to get my dream job straight out of uni and have worked on MinkPink alongside another longtime designer Jodie for most of that time.

What drew you to the fashion industry initially?
I have always loved designing clothes from a very young age. Prints, colour and fabrics have always been my passion…you should see how many fabrics I have at my house haha! I did detour at uni by studying a general design degree but that just confirmed that I wanted to work in fashion instead.

We are beyond excited about the new MinkPink collection, Disney. The concept is so unique; can you tell us how the idea originally came about?
We were approached by Disney to do a collaboration to celebrate the release of the live action Beauty and the Beast. We were super excited as you can imagine!

What makes the Disney collection so special compared to others you’ve released in the past?
We had an amazing opportunity to work with Disney imagery. We were even given access to an archive book of sketches and artwork from the original movie. That was incredible! To be able to use such iconic imagery meant we could create amazing artworks which made some great personality pieces!


Can you tell us about the process of bringing this collection to life? From first putting pen to paper mapping out the cuts and styles to eventually seeing it on customers?
We pulled together our talented MinkPink designers and our textiles team and had a massive creative meeting. We created huge moodboards to find a direction. We decided to focus on four key scenes from the movie and build capsules around those – this is where our prints come from and we designed around those.

We had a very tight turn around for design and went back to the drawing boards three times until we got it all signed off. It was a stressful time but worth it! It’s always a good idea to keep coming back to it and questioning every piece until its perfect.

From the Disney collection, what will we catch you in this season and why was it a personal favourite for you?
I love the yellow velvet dress. The colour is the perfect fashion-relevant golden shade and the cut is so flattering. I also love the “beast” embroidered jacket!

Who are some of the key individuals that were involved in bringing the Disney collection to life?
Our textiles team put in a huge amount of work. Creating the incredible artworks that had to be approved every step of the way by Disney.

Are there any campaigns tied to the Disney collection? Can you tell us about them and what they involved?
We conceptualized a beautiful campaign shoot with an amazing team of creatives. Stunning New Zealand model Maia Cotton was our modern day Belle, she was photographed by Georges Antoni and styled by Charlotte Stokes. The idea behind the shoot was to create three decadent yet urban sets, juxtaposed with a softer, more street feel. Shot at Carriageworks with towering windows, the sets were propped with key pieces that enhance the colours and textures of the ranges to help tell the magical story.

Last, but not least, how did you all celebrate the successful release of the Disney collection?
The MinkPink team headed to the Sydney premiere to watch the film! It was an amazing night where we could all get together and celebrate the success of the collection…it was also surreal to see Josh Gad in person who played the hilarious character LeFou.