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For Australian label success stories, you can’t go far past MINKPINK. Faded pastels and rich florals, feminine frills and sultry cuts, motifs and prints that effortlessly capture the imagination and hearts of a growing worldwide fan base – it’s no wonder MINKPINK have come this far.

For over twelve years now MINKPINK have been consistently delivering the goods every season and their latest collection ‘Disney’ has simply fanned the flames of our adoration. We decided it was high time we had a chat with the talented people behind the brand to get a peek into the day-to-day life at the office and were lucky enough to meet Sara Bolton, Senior Designer at MINKPINK (and one seriously talented woman).

Join the conversation with Sara for exclusive insight into the stories, people and inspiration behind your favourite brand!


Sara, thanks for being with us! For those who don’t know, can you give us a run down on your role at MINKPINK?
I’m the senior designer for MINKPINK – I oversee the team to conceptualize each collection ensuring it aligns with current trends and the DNA of the brand.

MINKPINK was founded in Sydney in 2005, can you tell us how MINKPINK came to fruition?
Our Director Rachel Evans founded the company when she was pregnant. After working in the industry for many years she saw a gap in the market for designer and trend inspired fashion that was affordable. It really struck a cord with the Australian market and has grown rapidly ever since.

Tell us about your morning routine and a typical day at the MINKPINK office?
Starting at 9, I check my emails and have a quick catch up with the team to see where everyone is at and what they are working on for the day. At 10 we get a coffee delivery from our local café then its straight into designing, technical packs and research.  Depending on the day we also might have fitting sessions, print showings or meetings with the sales team.


Where is the MINKPINK office based these days?
We are based in Alexandria, Sydney.

You’ve got a massive following not only in Australia but worldwide, what do you think makes MINKPINK such a standout?
Part of the appeal is our trend driven personality and prints. We are really passionate about sourcing great prints from studios worldwide and have an in-house textile team. You can always come to MINKPINK for a great printed dress!  The other part of our appeal is the way we design all our garments to be commercial and wearable for a wide market. We really think about making garments fit lots of different body types whilst still maintaining trend details and shapes.

Is there a story behind the name “MINKPINK”?
Yes! Our founder Rachel was pregnant and feeling in need of a pick me up. So she was shopping for lipsticks and MinkPink was the colour name of a lipstick she picked up.


Can you tell us how you got to where you are today and your journey in the fashion industry?
I studied a design degree at UNSW majoring in graphics and environments. After graduating I was going to make the change and study fashion but decided to apply for jobs in the industry instead. MINKPINK was my first interview and luckily they took me on without relevant fashion training!!!! I doubt that would be the case these days. I’ve been with the company for ten years now!

What has been your proudest moment with MINKPINK so far?
Seeing regular girls on the street wearing it. That always give me a little thrill! The Disney Collab was pretty amazing too, it was such a journey and so much fun, seeing girls wearing the collection is such a testament to the team’s hard work!

Can you give us a rundown on how each piece is designed? From inspiration and sketches through to prototypes and the final product?
We tend to start with the prints as these need to be sourced very early on. We see a lot of print studios from around the world and also work with our textile team to develop new prints. We build moodboards of key silhouettes, details and colour palettes and make sure these prints work within our vision.  Next up it’s designing the styles – these need to fit into our range planner, which comes from the sales team. This makes sure we have a well rounded range of tops, bottoms, dresses and price points. We have about two weeks to design the range and present it to our sales team for sign off. After that it’s doing technical drawings, measurements and tech packs. The design team fit all the samples and see them through to production.


Tell us about your all-time favourite piece from any of your MINKPINK collections?
Wow there are so many! For me it’s always great printed dress or jumpsuit. My most recent favourite would be the “Saffron Floral” tie front midi dress. That print and shape is perfection if I don’t say so myself 😉

What’s one motto the MINKPINK team live and breathe?
Be brave and free.

Amazing! And what’s next for yourself and MINKPINK?
I am focusing on mentoring the younger designers in the team. For MINKPINK we are doing amazing things internationally and are really focusing on growing that and our online presence.