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The corduroy comeback is in full swing and we couldn’t be more stoked – we’ve got cord apparel, cord accessories and to top it all off, an exclusive record (Get it? We’re being a little puntastic). We’re teaming up with TCSS to bring you the Recordz collection – the ultimate corduroy compilation to take you through to winter.

To celebrate, we’ve released a limited edition 12” album, Strange Brew, featuring bands The Grease Arrestor, The Ruminaters, Hockey Dad, Bleeding Knees Club, The Gooch Palms, The Jim Mitchells and The Abigails.

It’s quite the number and is packed with tunes to keep the rad times rolling – so much so, that we’ve been tracking down the bands involved to hear their side of the story. We were lucky enough to catch up with The Grease Arrestor to talk about their “toxic” inspo, eclectic music influences, and wild nights on tour.

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the grease arrestor by heather vousten

Image: Heather Vousten

We’re super excited to get our hands on the Strange Brew collection to get a listen to your track ‘In Return’ on vinyl. It takes us on a little journey, which of you developed the lyrics and what is the story behind it?
Rick wrote that number which is basically a lighthearted story involving a guy who decides he doesn’t want to be strung along by a toxic girl. It was written with a summery, playful tone to lighten up what might seem like a dark theme on paper. I guess there was some inspiration taken from the Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood approach, with the whole call-and-response technique.

We’re digging your second album, Volume Two. Can you tell us where we are most likely to find you playing live these days?
Well since we released Volume Two, all of us in TGA have been pre-occupied with new projects. Rick and Josh play in The Jim Mitchells and run Third Eye Stimuli Records, while Liz now has her electronic project, TEES and Ryan makes this cool experimental/industrial music too. So nothing live at the moment, but perhaps this year could see a reprise 😉


I’m sure you’ve had some rad times creating music and performing live together, can you tell us the weirdest/funniest situation you’ve found yourselves in.
Not sure if you’ve been to shows in Canberra, but that place is whack. We played one night and things went from reasonable-ish behaving crowds inside the bar, to walking outside straight into a hurricane of strange people throwing punches and vomiting on the sidewalk. We had our gear in shopping trolleys and just put our heads down and peeled out.

the grease arrestor again

Your style has been described as drone, jangle freakouts, kraut, garage, fuzz groove and genre defining. That’s an eclectic mix if we ever saw one. Can you tell us how your style has grown or changed since you first got together in 2012?
Haha yeah ‘eclectic’ is a good description. The inspiration for our first album, ‘What Was, Is.’ came from our mutual love for neo-psychedelia and bands like The Warlocks, The Black Angels & Spacemen 3. Obviously, we were obsessed with BJM too. ‘Volume Two’ was a little different because by then we were all listening to quite contrasting music. Some of us were really digging potent 60s psych rock such as The Byrds & West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, while some of us were into 90s groups like Jesus & Mary Chain or Ride and even modern post punk such as Total Control. Somehow we jammed a lot and blended these flavours together and Wha-lahhh!

Tell us about your plans for 2017 and beyond – world domination, new tracks in the pipeline, fresh haircuts, anything of the sort?
Well Rick always has a fresh hair cut 😉 So does Lizzy actually – she’s growing out her fringe at the moment. It looks great. And yeah, maybe some new songs in the form of 7″ black wax. Just working on the Third Eye Stimuli label, producing new material and seeing where it all leads…


We know you must get asked this constantly BUT the curiosity has gotten the better of us. What’s the story behind the name ‘The Grease Arrestor’?
Next time you’re at your hospo job in the city and you’re taking out the garbage, read the name on the door as you enter…

Last but not least, where’s the best place for us to follow your antics and keep up to date with the TGA journey?
You can jump on le facè book and find us there and Third Eye Stimuli Records too… and Instagwaaam: @third_eye_stimuli

the grease arrestors by tim da-rin

Image: Tim Da-Rin

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