MODOM: Party With A Purpose

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posted by jbrebner

Good Friday was a great Friday down at Bells this year, one of the reasons being the crew at Modom Surf & Surfing World put on an awesome little fundraiser for the Disabled Surfers Association. WSL surfers & commentators mixed with industry leaders & locals alike as the boys from Balter provided endless amber refreshments. Up for auction were a series of iconic images of some of the country’s most influential shapers (think Simon Anderson, Darren Handley and Bob Mctavish) shot by Steve Baccon for his soon to be released book “Surf Craft”. Bidding was as fierce as Carissa and Courtney’s paddle battle and in the end raised just under $4k for the DSA.

Bells always has good parties but a party with a purpose? We like that!

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Photography by Harley Tribe