On The Road: Jack Lynch Hits New Zealand

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posted by James Willmott

Take a trip to New Zealand, through the words of SurfStitch Ambassador, Jack Lynch.

“There is nothing better than getting away. That being said, I recently jumped at the chance to get out of the routine of surfing Tallows every day, to spend some more time exploring around one of my favorite cities – Dunedin, New Zealand. Upon arrival and after about half a day walking around various van hire lots out the back of Christchurch, we settled on the super cheap option of cramming five guys into a four- person sleeper van along with three board bags. Once organised, we punched it straight down to ‘Dunners’, towards the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand.

The beauty of New Zealand is that they are super accommodating for camper vans and have amazing zones set up with the best views to post up of the evening. Dunedin is no exception, with zones littered around the Otago Peninsula that are safe from the wind but close to all the surf spots.

This trip we didn’t go for a swell or any set of conditions, we just kinda turned up hoping for the best. Reports weren’t looking great but we were able to link up with local photographer Nick Rapley who was able to lead us to some hidden nooks that supplied us with fun surfable waves.

The highlight for me though was the drive back. With the forecast looking worse and worse, leading to more time being spent in fast food outlets. We made the call to spend the last three days to drive up the hill, which was quite a big, long hill into Queenstown. With the now season coming to a close there was no option to hit the slopes but the snowcapped mountains made for some epic scenery and camping.

From Queenstown we then took the long road north through the Lindis Alpine Pass. The drive would have to be up there with the Big Sur (California) drive as one of the best. Long sweeping roads through valleys that change in landscape then down onto the blue lakes that sit on the bottom of Mt. Cook.

A trip that didn’t bring the best surf of the year but was definitely up there with the most laughs and epic vibes that come with spending ten days in a small camper and five dudes!”