A Minute For Music: Quiksilver's Winter Playlist

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posted by James Willmott

Winter vibes are among us, meaning a few certain changes. Pumping waves, cooler waters and of course, a fresh batch of rubber!

There’s a few things about winter that are just that little bit special. The challenge to get out of bed early to hunt for waves rugged up in your favourite hoodie, the taste of a pre-surf hot coffee, the smell of neoprene as you suit up in the carpark before a session and of course, the hot shower that follows after scoring pumping waves with your best buds.

To celebrate the colder months, we linked up with the team at Quiksilver to get their taste of winter tunes. Pre or post-surf session, on the drive to point B or simply chilling out at home, this mix of classic anthems has you covered for any occasion.


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