BEHIND THE COLLECTION: Made of Her by Auguste

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Born of the barefoot Byron Bay lifestyle and a passion for feminine pieces that embody the timeless nature of the Australian beauty, Auguste continues to deliver with their latest collection Made of Her. Calling back to the late 60s and early 70s, the collection is an ode to the restless muse and outback wanderer with ditzy florals, dainty ruffles and blushing nudes broken up by washed out denim, stud detailing and androgynous overalls.

The Made of Her collection comes to life against the stark red-dust backdrop of the Australian outback with a campaign shoot that captures a runaway road trip through the red centre, with a healthy dash of horses and vintage cars thrown in for good measure.

We were lucky enough to catch Ebony Eagles herself, Head Designer and Creative Director of Auguste for exclusive insight into their outback shoot and the inspiration behind Made of Her – join the conversation!

Thanks for catching up, can you tell us a little about yourself and your role at Auguste?
My name is Ebony Eagles and I am the Head Designer and Creative Director here at Auguste.

What has your life/career journey involved to get you to the point of Head Designer and Creative Director at Auguste?
A childhood of vintage obsession and opp shop rummaging evolved into years of sewing my own clothes, to finally opening my first clothing brand at 22 years old. I then spent twelve years designing for my previous label when I realised that the style of my designs had started to change. I was living in Bali at the time but visiting Byron (where I grew up) a fair bit, and think I was just really inspired by the women around me and started making clothes tailored more towards the lifestyle I was living. I soon realised I had created a completely different brand, and from this Auguste was born. It has been a crazy two and a half years!

You’ve just released your latest collection, Made Of Her, and we are enchanted by what we’re seeing – can you tell us about it?
Made Of Her is inspired by that quintessential Australian road trip, with the wind in your hair and your favourite song crackling through the speakers. It’s an ode to the late 60s and early 70s with a 90s twist… with statement florals, vintage inspired polka dots and a dash of Auguste Denim.


What was the inspiration behind the name of this collection: Made of Her?
The idea I had in my head at the time of designing was to make pieces that would work with the personality of the wearer. I love seeing how a woman can wear something and it becomes an extension of herself. The campaign was captured with two strikingly different women, Montana Cox and Alice Morgan and they themselves transformed the pieces into their own. Like any piece of art, how fashion is interpreted is as relevant as what inspired it. Made Of Her feels like the essence of The Auguste Girl for me, and I couldn’t wait to see how they would be worn and recreated by my customers. That’s the inspiration behind the name!

Who are the talented people behind the scenes who have brought the Made of Her collection to fruition?
I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by the most inspiring team of women every day in the office. I have so much time for all of them and learn from them daily. I even have one of my best friends now assisting the designs! Work is genuinely a fun place to arrive at every day :) Olivia tirelessly manages all facets of our production, Lexie assists me in the design and then we have the insanely talented Taylor and Margy in marketing. Out of the office our loyal photographer Trevor King has shot nearly all of our campaigns since the beginning – he just keeps taking our shoot quality to the next level. Tyson Lloyd is our legendary filmer and this time we have the mind blowing stylist Sheree Commerford and our mate Nick Morley on hair and make up.

What is your favourite part of bringing a new collection to life?
The feeling I get when I watch our videos and see the campaign shoots coming together! I feel insane satisfaction seeing something that started as an idea draped upon somebody’s skin, and knowing that we’ve gone above and beyond what we’ve created before. I’m so proud of Made Of Her – the designs, the campaign shoot, and the real synergy between the two.


What is the inspiration behind the cuts, fabrics, patterns and textures we are seeing in Made of Her?
As always, the collection has a nostalgic element that pays homage to the late 60s and early 70s… but Made Of Her also definitely nods to the 90s. Ditzy floral dresses, washed blue denim and stud detailing are all elements inspired by my teens (minus the hair mascara), so this collection feels especially personal to me.

What was the process to take Made of Her from initial concept right through to holding the final pieces in your hands?
As always with the culmination of a new collection, there’s a few key prints and shapes that I have in mind… which are a combination of whatever is really inspiring me and my understanding of what I feel should be next for my brand.

We’ve been lucky enough to take a peek at the Made of Her campaign clip – can you tell us about the shoot and what it involved?
I’m always really taken aback by the beauty of the Australian outback – it really does steal your heart and take your breath away. It was a pretty epic adventure just getting to our location actually,  it even involved very small planes which I really wasn’t comfortable with! We had lots of early, cold mornings and drove along some really classic Australian outback roads to find our sweet shoot spot, but exploring Broken Hill was really fun. It’s a crazy town with some serious characters. We really enjoyed every bit of it. I’m a major horse lover and I had a strong vision of them featuring heavily in the shoot. The stars aligned so perfectly for us that we actually ended up having a bit of a horse overload with the free roaming horses from the Silverton Common and also the gentle giants that the lovely people at the local horse stables let us shoot with. All in all, everybody was exceptionally kind and accommodating. It was beautiful.

Auguste - Made Of Her - Lucy Overalls - Blush 3

What was the inspiration behind the outback location and the overall vibe of the campaign?
I’m so in love with the vibe of our campaign. As I mention, it was shot in Broken Hill which is a far west outback town in Western NSW.  I wanted the clip to capture the vibe of two best friends on a road trip taking the time to feel the energy of each far out town they stop at along the way. The whole vibe is exactly what I envisioned and it’s really magical when that happens! The Campaign video was filmed and edited by Tyson Lloyd with a track by the Jim Mitchells which adds a super haunting vibe to the clip. With the wide open spaces, naturally beautiful muses and effortless styling we used – we really felt we needed a psych rock track to pull it all together.

How did the Auguste team celebrate once the Made of Her collection was released?
Haha, with another collection!  No, we all gather around and watch the videos and look through the look books together. We all have a strong sense of pride when it all materialises :)

Lastly, what’s next for Auguste – anything exciting on the horizon to look forward to?
We have so many exciting things happening at Auguste HQ, including a partnership with Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia… watch this space!

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