WINTERMISSION: 4 Favourite Cold Water Line-Ups With Banks

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posted by James Willmott

Rubber and winter go together. Plain and simple. So who better to enlighten us on a few select cold-water delights than the purveyors of quality rubber themselves, Banks. We tracked down their wetsuit designer, Chris Schulstad and persuaded him to take a break from the rubber just long enough to share his top four all-time spots, gleaned from over a decade spent travelling and testing product within the surf industry.

From the depths of the South Pacific to the reeling A-frames of Southern California, check out the spots below that have cemented themselves in Chris’ top 4 and get ready to add a few to your own bucket list.

Raglan, New Zealand
 – “Raglan is an amazing place with a unique vibe and a world-class left hand point break reeling over a rock boulder bottom.”   raglancropped3

Trestles, California
  – “This wave definitely competes for the title of funnest ever. It can be a little crowded though.” trestlesImage – Jason Murray

Kaikoura, New Zealand – “You can’t beat this for a really beautiful spot to paddle out – ice capped mountains surround the line up and the wave reminds me a lot of my first home-break: Burleigh point.”
kaikouraImage – Dwayne Fussell,

Western Australia – “This place is epic with so many quality, different waves to choose from you’re spoiled for choice.” line-up-joli-WZ8038cropped