WINTERMISSION: With Roxy Team Rider Ellie Brooks

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posted by jbrebner

Gold Coast professional surfer and model Ellie Brooks is one of the crew who recently brought the SurfStitch Wintermission campaign shoot to life. She’s also the latest addition to team Roxy and is putting in the hard yards on the World Surf League QS trail (the last we heard she was dominating her first heat at Shida Point in the Ichinomiya Chiba Open in Japan).

In between her busy schedule of training, surfing, travelling and competing we were able to catch up with Ellie to chat about her welcome to the Roxy family, her training regime and what it’s really like competing on the QS.

This girl is someone who exudes sunshine and good vibes with a committed positive outlook to life – join the conversation!


Ellie, thanks for catching up! Can you tell us how you got into surfing as a grommie?
My dad got me into “nippers” at a young age and I absolutely loved it. Then he taught me how to surf when I was around 8. Slowly but surely nippers/surf life saving dropped out of the picture and if dad was going surfing then so was I – I was completely hooked!

Where is your home break and how has it influenced your surfing style?
Growing up on the Gold Coast has given me access to some of the best points and beachies in the world. Having access to these waves has had such a successful impact on my surfing, especially my backhand! Snapper, Currumbin Alley and Burleigh are waves that just don’t stop running – it gives you so many opportunities to better every turn and improve your surfing so much quicker.

Can you tell us about some of the places that surfing has taken you and your favourite country so far?
Surfing has taken me all over the world. Last year I got to travel to California, Japan, Mexico, Central America and Spain! I’ve also been to New Zealand, Fiji, Bali, West Oz and China. I love experiencing different cultures. Mexico would have to be my favourite destination though. The food is delicious, waves are amazing and I’ve always just had an incredible time there.


You’re competing on the QS at the moment – can you tell us about the best and worst parts of living such a competitive lifestyle?
It is hard work, but it’s incredibly rewarding. You face a lot of ups and downs, leaps forward and sometimes a few steps back… at the end of the day you’re stronger because of it and you always find a way to overcome it. Sometimes results take time. It’s about finding the right rhythm and recipe that works for you and unleashing it when you do – no holding back!

What does your training regime involve and how do you stay motivated with it?
 I love training so I work really hard in and out of the water. I train every day twice a day usually, plus surf as much as I can. I do Holistic Movement, Pilates, Yoga, Boxing and surf coaching as well. I also eat well and most importantly I LOVE what I do!

Who is your favourite person to surf with most, and where do you head on a surf roadie?
My favourite person to surf with would have to be my partner, Harry Wright. Surfing with him reminds me why I love it so much and to relax and not worry about “comp surfing”. He pushes me to surf at my very best and try new things and it’s always fun. I can’t go past surfing with my dad either – to see his stoke out in the water is so rewarding and I’m glad I get to share that with him. Oh and my girls, Codie Klein and Tarnea O’meara. We compete and travel together. It’s always good having them to push you but still know they’ll be there for you during the highs and lows of competing and everyday life. 


Can you tell us what it’s like to be a part of the Roxy family?
I’ve always dreamed of being sponsored by Roxy. I feel like it really aligns with me and my ambitions. Being a part of the Roxy family has been great. I’m super new to the team and they have welcomed me with open arms. I love that all the girls are super close. I can’t wait to see what my future with Roxy holds and all the memories that are going to be made

What hobbies do you enjoy in your training down-time?
Nutrition is a big passion of mine! I love cooking and baking good wholesome foods! I also love to travel and explore new places. Grabbing coffee out, practicing pilates, being active and hanging out with my family and friends fill in any spare time that I have.

What advice would you give to any other young women who are looking to break into surfing professionally?
To have fun every step of the way, love what you do and be true to yourself. It’s a long and rewarding journey – learn to embrace it all because it’s incredible being able to do what we love as a career.


Feature image: Nigel Hallett