DEUS 9 FOOT AND SINGLE: Day 4 Finals And Wrap Up Party

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Sunday saw the crew in Canggu awake to picture perfect, glassy conditions for the final day of the Deus 9 Foot And Single festival and the excitement on the beach was palpable! With the Log Fest having come to a premature halt on Saturday arvo, we were ready to rumble and the eight semi-finalists battled it out on pumping waves with the crowd up at the crack of dawn to cheer them on. As the morning haze faded and the heat rose with the sun, the finals were underway with Harrison Roach, Jack Lynch, Jared Mell and Zye Norris getting into the competitive spirit and doing things you never thought possible on a log!

But it didn’t end there – the Under 9 Foot And Single quickly got underway after an impromptu scout of likely competitors from the hoards on the beach. A rabble of 28 crew were rounded up and shepherded into eight-person heats to battle it out for the title, and on boards a few feet shorter we freed up the surfers to take full advantage of the conditions – they didn’t disappoint! Meanwhile our only female entrant, Sierra Lerback, traded the boys wave for wave as we sifted through the field, heat after heat with a packed beach and a beautiful day. The visual display was married with some great tunes and the continual verbal pistol-whipping of Tyler, Lewie, Jared and Monty on the mic.

With all heats run, all beverages downed and all good times had, it was time to head back to the Deus Temple to get the prize-giving and wrap-up party underway. With a swell on the horizon the boys were champing at the bit to get on the road with a crew lined up to head to Sumatra, and another packing up for Lombok. With Monty and Tyler on the mic and Dustin Humphreys on the stage, grateful thanks were given to the Deus crew behind the scenes who worked so hard to bring this event to life, and we belted through the list of winners and their bounty.

There were a few surprises, with Tom Morat (Fish Fry winner) and Harrison Roach (Log Fest winner) being handed custom blanks from Rich Pavel and Thomas Bexon. Harrison promptly gifted his to West Adler, a super stoked grom who’d not only been surfing unreal all weekend but endeared himself to everyone here at the Temple. Best on Fest was awarded to Luke Flanders who earned himself a piece of art by Paul McNeill for embodying the stoke of the event all weekend. The Golden Fin went to Ano Mac for his tireless work behind the scenes to keep the festival running smoothly. All recipients were totally stoked!

With the business end of the evening done and dusted and our MC’s off soaking their overexerted larynges in Bintang, we moved onto the entertainment end of things with Giang Gaw, Tio Nugroho, ‘Da Dang’ and then ‘Band of Frequencies’ each taking to the stage to get the night and the crowd buzzing. Music is a key element to the event and this year we have been blessed to have not one but two mind-blowing nights that will live on with many of us for years to come.

Check out the pics from Day 4 and the final winners below!

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The Winners

Deus 9ft & Single Log – 1st: Harrison Roach, 2nd: Jack Lynch, 3rd: Jared Mell, 4th: Zye Norris

The Ladies 9ft & Single Log – 1st: Rosie Jaffurs, 2nd: Sierra Lerback, 3rd: Hiroko Yashikawa, 4th: Dippy St. Baker

Deus Under 9ft & Single – 1st: Harrison Roach, 2nd: Jye Byrnes, 3rd: Jared Mell, 4th: Zye Norris

Deus Fish Fry Comp – 1st: Tom Morat, 2nd: Sodok CSC (Canggu Surf Community), 3rd: Ayok CSC, 4th: Jin CSC

Deus Womp Comp – 1st: Harrison Roach, 2nd: Dylan Kaczmerick, 3rd: Matt Cuddihy, 4th: Rikki Gilbey

Best on Fest – Luke Flanders

The Golden Fin – Ano Mac