Stomping Ground: Jackson Pilz

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posted by James Willmott

Skateboarding. From parks, to street spots, schools and everything in between, skateboarding is a way of life, a way for different individuals to express themselves through unique styles, techniques, attitudes and more. Now a worldwide phenomenon on a steady growth path, it’s no secret certain spots and influences alter a skater’s perception of how they want to be perceived.

So, how exactly do these spots and influences – places of residence, scenes, heroes and parks – shape a skater? That’s what we are here to investigate.

Welcome to Episode 2 of Stomping Ground, Volcom family member, Jackson Pilz.

“I feel like everyone should grow up skating parks. It kind of just teaches you a bit of everything, especially skating transition, it somehow seems to help with street skating. I don’t know the science behind it, but it definitely helps!” – Jackson Pilz

*Filmed and edited by Danny Camara

*Imagery by Wade McLaughlin