WINTERMISSION: 4 Favourite Cold Water Line Ups With Billabong

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posted by James Willmott

Rubber and winter go together. Plain and simple. And with Billabong’s global presence and dedication to testing their wetsuits in the waves they’re made for, we knew there was nobody better prepared to add a few select locations to our pipe dream bucket lists.

We caught up with Billabong’s Scott Boot, Global Wetsuit Director to pick his brains on his top 4 cold water locations and were rewarded with a line up of quality waves, challenging conditions, and the rubber you’ll need to tackle them.

Check out Scott’s personal favourites below and prepare to get some seriously itchy feet!

J Bay

J Bay, South Africa

The reeling point break is known for more than just Mick’s famed shark attack. Unrelenting currents, mussel-covered boulders and a decidedly biting windchill factor are the only things standing in the way of what is known as the most perfect right hand point on the planet. Come prepared in the Furnace Carbon Comp 302. With a carbon fibre thermal lining and a mesh chest and back panel, you’ll be super warm with ultimate protection against the cold offshore.



Trestles, California

Consistency, perfect peeling left and right handers, easy paddle-outs and a super rippable wave face. It’s no wonder that Trestles takes the top spot on so many surfers’ wish lists. The Furnace Carbon Comp 302 is the wetsuit for the job at Trestles; the water is cold and the carbon thermal material keeps you warm, while staying light and flexible to allow you to take full advantage of the dream conditions.



Bird Rock, VIC

Known as one of the best waves on the Surf Coast, The Rock throws out a good round barrel on takeoff before walling up nicely down the line. This wave is short but rippable and you’ll need something light and flexible to do it justice. The Furnace Carbon Comp 302 is again the rubber for the job, keeping you warm yet flexible in the cold Vicco waters.


angourie surf

Angourie, NSW

Angourie, home of Nat Young and immortalised forever in Morning of the Earth, this place delivers big, barreling sections and fast green walls that wrap their way into the bay.  Considered to be one of the best right hand point breaks in Australia and protected as a national surfing reserve, Angourie may have lost a little of its hippy roots but still holds a spot in the hearts of Aussie surfers everywhere. With mild water temps, flexibility is key. Go with the Revolution 302 with the added bonus of low-key logos to keep things mellow.


Images: WSL, Unknown, Darren Evans, Rowan Keegan