MODEL SPOTLIGHT: Tallulah Morton For The Hidden Way

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If there’s anyone that perfectly embodies the easy confidence and understated feminine allure of The Hidden Way it would have to be model Tallulah Morton, Sydney native and face of their latest winter campaign. At just 25, Tallulah has racked up over 10 years’ experience in the modelling industry, has walked all major international fashion week runways and worked with prominent designers and photographers across the globe.

For Gold Coast based brand The Hidden Way, Tallulah’s experience and naturally striking look was the perfect pairing to bring their sunny, easy style to life with the classy vintage look that Tallulah does so well.

Like all of us, we were curious to get a BTS look at what life is really like as a model, and so we decided to spend a little time getting to know Tallulah. Join the conversation for a glimpse at Tallulah’s favourite haunts, favourite foods, favourite pastimes, and her musings on the Australian fashion industry.

Join the conversation!


For those who don’t know, give us a rundown of who you are and what you are about?
My name is Tallulah and my first rule of thumb is I don’t say where I’m going or where I’m coming from! I try to leave a little reputation behind me so that if you really need to, you’ll know how to find me!

Where are you originally from?

Do you have any favourite local haunts?
Baxters Inn: a hidden whiskey bar in a back alley behind an exit door. You go downstairs and there are hundreds of whiskeys to try, in a dark ambient setting with jazz and blues playing in the background!


What’s your biggest inspiration at the moment?
My imagination is always my biggest inspiration!

Besides the obvious transitions in trends, what has changed most in the fashion industry since your career began?
Unfortunately in Australia a lot of creativity has been cut out! Because there is so much competition and everybody wants to make sales, I feel people are scared to try something different! But I try not to get involved with trends, I prefer style! I look for pieces that I truly love because they suit me and my style, not because somebody famous is wearing it and everybody else is wearing it! It will go out of fashion fast and I want to be wearing the beautiful things I buy in ten years time!

Do you have a career highlight thus far?
Working with Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood! I love their clothes so much!


What trends are you loving at the moment? What is your favourite piece from The Hidden Way collection?
I don’t really follow too many trends, I love anything that is easy to wear, is fun and makes me feel cool and confident. I love the dress I wore in the first shot! It was super chill and perfect to throw on when you are indecisive which is me most mornings! Haha.

Favourite vintage find?
Ooh I have found some goodies… too many to say just one!

What will we catch you doing when you aren’t in front of the lens?
Painting, playing with my dogs, playing music, drawing, writing, reading and picnicking!


Where is your favourite holiday destination? Any travel tips?
I prefer cities and mountains over beaches! New York, France, Italy, Tokyo and Norway. Because we live in Australia it takes a loooong time to get anywhere! So drink plenty of water, and don’t eat the airplane food!

What tunes will we catch you listening to?
I love Danzig! Electric wizard! Weedeater! Slow heavy metal! I also like punk/hardcore… Bad Brains, Black Flag, Misfits! I also love blues, BB King and Nina Simone! I collect records – I love the sound they make!

What’s your favourite thing about Winter? Can you share your go-to recipe?
I love winter so much! I love making fires and keeping warm. I cook pretty much every day, all vegan and all different yummy things!!

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