WATCH: Torren Martyn in Ocean Motion

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posted by James Willmott

‘There’s an epic swell due to hit Nias and the Ments next week, can we get over there?’ Torren Martyn enquires eagerly down the phoneline.

It was the first major swell for the region in the 2017 season, his feet were itching to escape his backyard of Byron Bay and a flight was leaving in just a couple of days – what some would call the perfect storm of circumstance and the perfect impromptu adventure.

The call? Made! The next 48 hours were spent rounding up all the necessary tools of trade, including lens man Alessio Saraifoger to capture the action. Following the inclusion, the itinerary was secured and the charts were watched continuously as we waited in excitement for what was to come.

A destination close to the top of all surfers wish list, it’s no secret what Nias is capable of providing and with a swell teaming up with conditions of this magnitude forecasted, it was a place Torren would once again indulge in all aspects gracefully. What was delivered and produced? Magic.

Introducing Ocean Motion – Torren Martyn’s Nias treat.

“Indonesia has been a pretty special place for me growing up, so it’s always a nice feeling touching back down, stepping out of the plane and getting a big whiff of that no so fresh air and feeling all the elements. There’s never really a whole lot of question whether you’re going to be starved for waves over there but this time around I was pretty sure we were in for a good time. We were spoilt for choice for a whole week with good winds, fairly mellow crowds and plenty of motion in the ocean.” – Torren Martyn
Footage/Edit/Imagery by Alessio Saraifoger