Tech Support: Skullcandy's Wireless Crusher

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posted by James Willmott

With 40 hour battery life, memory foam ear pads enabling noise isolation, refined acoustics and much more, Skullcandy’s Crusher Wireless headphones are exactly what you need to complete your next audio experience.

Officially available from just the beginning of July, The Crusher has promptly planted itself as the leader in modern day headphones, perfect for almost all occasions to say the least. Excited to say the least, we caught up with Skullcandy’s Senior Manager of Product Experience, Sam Noertker to learn everything about the cutting edge technology and the process behind the creation.

Join us as we enter the world of deeply immersive audio.

Thanks for catching up Sam! Can you give us a rundown of who you are and what your position at Skullcandy is?
Thanks for having me. I’m Sam Noertker, Senior Manager of Product Experience. 

You’ve recently released your new signature headphone, The Crusher Wireless, and they look epic to say the least. What inspired the headphone design and who are they best suited for?
The design of the new Crusher Wireless was partially inspired by its very own acoustics. Bold yet sleek surfacing was used to create a personality that matched the powerful Crusher driver performance. Unique from its predecessor, the new Crusher Wireless design is a mixture of soft and hard materials providing a rich tactile experience inside and out.  These were designed for bass loving consumers who want to be fully immersed in their content – whether that is music or movies.

Many say that the Crusher Wireless features are incredible, especially the quality of bass and comfort. Can you tell us what makes them so different from the rest of the market?
The quality of the bass is unparalleled because of the proprietary Crusher technology that Skullcandy invented to create this bass experience.  Each earcup of the headphone contains two drivers: 1 audio driver that creates great sound quality across the entire sound spectrum and 1 ‘Crusher’ driver that acts as a subwoofer to create the deep bass you hear and feel.  Almost every other headphone in the market only includes the 1 audio driver, so it is really this ‘Crusher’ driver that makes it so unique from the rest of the market.  Not only does the Crusher driver create great deep bass that you can adjust, but it also creates the physical haptic feeling of bass in the headphone.  This experience is completely unique to the Crusher Wireless headphone. 

The comfort is created from the rigorous engineering process that all our headphones go through.  We are committed to the detailed engineering design from the structure of the headband down to the stitching on the cushion.  There are many different elements of the headphone that contribute to the comfort of the headphone.  Each of these elements is iterated on and prototyped together with the rest of the system to ensure that the comfort of the headphone is as good as possible. 

 Another element that is really unique to the Crusher Wireless is the adjustability and customizability of the Crusher experience.  It really allows you to dial in the sound profile depending on your listening preferences and the content that you are listening to.  

Other than these, what are the other key qualities that make the Crusher so special?
The 40hr battery life on these headphones is pretty incredible, since you can use them for about a full week of heavy listening without having to charge them.  These are also foldable, which makes them easy to stash and take with you.  This is truly a go anywhere product that is going to give you an amazing audio experience wherever you go. 

Can you give us a rundown on the process of development? From first putting pen to paper to eventually wearing the Crusher Wireless and listening to your favourite tunes?
The development process involves a lot of rapid prototyping and iterations.  After an initial round of sketches, the ideas are realized via 3D printed prototypes.  As soon as the physical samples are made, our engineering teams begin to work on the acoustics and the sound quality of the product.  This cycle goes back and forth between engineering and design until the final product is engineered.  As the manufacturing of the product begins, our quality teams ensure that at every step of the process we are testing and validating the product to ensure that it will meet all of our rigorous durability and reliability standards.  

Any big names we’ll catch in the Crusher Wireless?
The entire athlete ambassador team, including our favorite Aussies Mick Fanning and Robbie Maddison, love Crusher Wireless right now and is using it as their go-to headphone! We have also made some custom Crusher Wireless for some of our biggest athlete ambassadors including Kyrie Irving, Thiago Silva and Coco Ho with more on the way, so stay tuned to our Instagram (@Skullcandy) to see those!

What’s next for Skullcandy?
In terms of product, we’re constantly improving our engineering processes, tools, and capabilities. This means each product has improved audio quality, design, comfort, and overall quality than the last generation of products.  Expect a lot of awesome products that leverage some of the amazing things you’ve seen from Skullcandy so far and take those to the next level. 

In regards to the brand, we are hyper focused on what’s next within music, sports and youth culture.  We hang our hat on letting people discover what is new within those three key pillars so keep an eye out on our website and social channels to see what is come!