MEET THE MODEL: Taj Richmond For SurfStitch's More Summer Campaign

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He’s a Byron native, a born waterman, and a natural in front of the lens. Meet Taj Richmond, an up-and-coming, down to earth type dude who is on course to take the modelling world by storm. We got to hang with Taj last week in the heart of Surfers Paradise as we explored the iconic old-school tourist attractions and lost ourselves in a time capsule of hazy 90s summer icons as we shot our latest campaign, More Summer. Taj spent two days with us, cruising from location to location on his skatey and just generally being a total pleasure to work with!

With a self-assured demeanour, plenty of street attitude, and style for days, we decided we wanted a glimpse behind the exterior and into the daily life of Taj! We sat down for a little chat and were stoked to find out Taj ain’t just a pretty face. With a spono deal from Afends, Taj spends a lot of his time travelling, surfing, and living the dream. He’s also signed with the epic crew over at Neverland – they’re a Byron-based modelling agency who have built a reputation for their diverse tribe of talent who regularly take their Byron culture to the likes of GQ, Gucci, Deus Ex Machina and more.

Join us as we find out how he got into modelling, what inspired his passion for surfing, what he gets up to in his spare time, and the key fashion trends you’ll find him repping this summer!


Taj, thanks for catching up! What are you up to today?
I woke up this morning in Brooms Head, my mate and I just camped here for the night. Wasn’t much surf so we headed back home and just surfed all day.

You’re big into the ocean, how long have you been surfing for and who got you into it?
I started surfing when I was about four or five. My life has always revolved around the ocean but it was my dad who got me on my first board.

Where’s your favourite break and who are the crew you’re most often paddling out with?
I kinda don’t have a favourite break really! The east coast is pretty prime for good waves and I usually surf with my mates or brother.

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Have you always lived in Byron and what do you love most about the place?
Yup – born n bred! I reckon the best thing about Byron is the ocean and the wacky people you see daily.

What got you into the modelling world?
Well I never thought I’d be in the modelling world to be honest. I had done small things here and there but it wasn’t until I was thrown into fashion week in Sydney this year that things really started rolling. Penelope from Neverland management threw us an Insta DM and was like ‘Would you be open to do fashion week?’  I was just like ‘sure’! Haha things have really lifted off since then, so I’m just going for it.

Run us through a typical day in the life of Taj.
A typical day would be to wake up, have some breaky, play some ping pong, surf for a few hours then finish the day off with a skate or something.

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What does summer mean to you?

What do you enjoy most about working in a modelling shoot and why?
I enjoy shoots a lot when you can get creative with it and do cool things with the images.

What key trends will you be repping this summer and why?
Sandals and visors for ultra comfort and efficiency.


Best summer surf roadie you’ve ever taken? Tell us about it.
The best road trip I’ve taken was just cruising to and from the NSW south coast with my brother and my dad. We just surfed, camped, fished and raided every op-shop on the coastline!

What’s next on the agenda for you – any grand plans or just living day by day and taking things easy?
Just staying present and remaining grateful :)

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