MEET THE MODEL: Isaac Robinson For SurfStitch's More Summer Campaign

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If there’s anyone who knows how to have a good time and look good while doing so, it would have to be Isaac Robinson, one of the models we hung with last week in Surfers Paradise for our ‘More Summer’ shoot. With a keen eye for the next skatey spot and a radar for the nearest vintage store, Mr Robinson kept us on our toes as we worked our way through the 90’s style tourist attractions and quirky arcades of the Gold Coast’s most well-known suburb.

Isaac has a knack for connecting with the people he’s working with and his open, chilled-out vibe was a veritable invitation for us to swoop in and learn a little more about his background in Vanuatu, his double-life working as a qualified chef, and his blurry eyed dawn missions picking seaweed on the shores of the Sunny Coast!

Read on as we chat with Isaac for exclusive insight into his hobbies, his chefing antics and the story of how he first met Ainsley Hutchence of Sticks And Stones Agency to kick start his modelling career.

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Isaac, thanks for catching up! Can you tell us who you are and where you are from originally?
I’m Isaac Robinson. I was born in Richmond NSW and spent the first few years of my babyhood there then moved up to the Sunshine Coast when I was 5. In primary school my parents decided to move to Vanuatu so I moved there and started high school and surfed reef for the first time. Because I was young I could pick up the language pretty easily so after a year or so I was at home over there. Now I’m back on the sunny coast and love it .

What can we find you doing in your spare time?
Being a chef  I don’t have much spare time!  I recently qualified and left Wasabi restaurant and bar to pursue the food and music culture of Melbourne where I’ll soon be moving. When I do get any time off I normally skate, surf with friends or take photos. If I’m at home I cook, play guitar/jam with mates and have a few beers haha.

Why were you drawn to the modelling industry?
What got me into the modelling industry.. Good question! When I was like 19 I was a chef at a cafe in Mooloolaba and Ainsley Hutchence from Sticks and Stones Agency used to come in most days and do all her work sh*t and made the day so much more fun for us! I didn’t even know what she did for work or anything until she asked me to shoot so we did and that’s where it all started for me.

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What was it like working with SurfStitch on their More Summer campaign?
The crew we had for the SurfStitch campaign were sweet. It was such a big two days but we made the most out of it! Heaps of food, skating and good times.

Do you have any interesting projects you’re working on currently?
At the moment I’m working in a cafe in Coolum beach doing a bit of catering and small functions which is fun. When I was at Wasabi I used to get up after 4 -5 hours sleep and go down to the beach and pick sea succulents, seaweed and beach herbs for the kitchen before a 14 hour shift so I still find myself doing that once or twice a week which I love.

What do you love most about chefing?
What I love most about chefing is the amount of hard work and love you put into one day to prep food for the evening service and as a team of chefs go through 4-5 hours of insanely well-organised chaos to have people so happy with their experience. To wake up the next day, go to the farm and pick produce and go into the kitchen and do it all again. It’s such a push but such a good lifestyle.

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What’s your favourite part of summer?
My favourite part of summer is towards the end because the waves are better on the coast.

What summer essentials are we most likely to find you repping?
In summer I try to wear as little as possible because clothes suck haha! But definitely still pants haha!

What do you enjoy most about modelling?
My favourite part of modelling so far is being spontaneous and getting thrown out of my comfort zone. Also meeting new people and travelling is epic.

Lastly, anything exciting on the horizon?
On the horizon is Melbourne! Hmmm who knows what could happen but I’m keen to start playing some gigs with some of my bros down there and live the city life for the first time. Big change but I can’t wait!

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