A Minute For Music: Bianca Buitendag

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posted by James Willmott

From a small coastal town in South Africa to taking on the world, current world number 18 Bianca Buitendag lives and breathes every element of seaside culture.

For the 20 year old, life on the world tour calls for countless hours of travel, always on the grind chasing the next competition at some of the world’s best breaks. A true lover of the ocean and one to always follow her dreams, music plays a huge factor with her constant change of time zone. Pre surf, before a flight and everything else in between, we caught up with Bianca to get the insight of what’s playing through her headphones.

Press play and get your own insight!

“My heart thrives when I find myself under water, lost in the freedom of the ocean and its movements. My heart thrives when I see people reach their full potential or when someone breaks through the oppression of its circumstances. I keep my eyes and heart wide open. I long for adventure, love the unexpected and the unlikely.” – Bianca Buitendag

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