A Minute For Music: The Montreals

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posted by James Willmott

The Montreals have landed with a splash on the indie-rock scene and made a massive impression within less than a year after starting out. And as soon as we heard the cruisy sounds of their first single of 2017 ‘deadheads’ it was love at first listen. With their catchy guitar work and brit-rock inspired vocals adding an epic soundtrack to the antics of our More Summer campaign, we decided it was time to track down the Adelaide crew and chat all things music, touring and life.

Turns out they’re a pretty loose crew and have no shortage of stories, hiccups and shenanigans to share, plus plenty of inspiration behind their eclectic sound and fashion style!

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How would you describe your music?
Stefan: Glittery vomit pop rocks (like da candy)

Your song ‘Deadheads’ is featured on The SurfStitch Summer campaign and it’s epic!!! Tell us how this track came to fruition and the influence behind it?
Stefan: Thanks legend!! ‘Deadheads’ is a reflection of where we’re at in life. I think it stemmed from a bunch of ridiculous events, such as Angus flooding his house whilst drunk in the shower. It also deals with the negative aspects of not being grounded and how that can have dramatic implications on your relationships & life.

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From humble beginnings you’re now featured on Triple J and actively touring. How does it feel to hear yourselves on such a huge network and spend time on the road?
Stefan: It definitely feels super kush – we’ve only been around for about a year which is wild! Playing shows is the best bit – so to do that consistently, and to a room full of fresh faces every time, is da bomb!

Tell us a funny tour moment.
Angus: When we were last in Melbs for a morning live session with Baked Goods (chikkedy check ‘em out), Graham had a few too many red cordials (wink) on Chapel St the night before. Upon his 7:30am solo return, he was locked out of the hotel and had to climb two stories up, via a stobey-pole, to get in. He looked like a bruised apple for a coupla days.

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Any rituals before you go on stage or head into the studio?
Angus: Stefan wrote off his car on the way to the studio whilst recording deadheads, hopefully that ain’t a ritual though!

Describe your fashion style as band.
Stefan: Colour rule$$! I have this idea of a Wes Anderson film in a dingy dive bar that I throw at everything visually.

What’s next for The Montreals?
We’ve just played with The Creases on their tour and are scheduled on Main Stage of Marksenfest in Adelaide on October 8th!! We also have a bunch of huge dope shows and another single which has yet to be announced! (Shhhhhh) Plus, we’ll be heading up the East Coast in the New Year, so slap your party hats on for that!