Behind The Collection: Nudie's Tight Terry Collection

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posted by James Willmott

Introducing Tight Terry, the latest collection from Nudie Jeans leading the world of denim.

A slim fit made with power stretch aesthetics and 100% organic cotton, the collection merges pure comfort and style together with the adaptation of high quality wear and tear capability.

We took two with CEO of Nudie Jeans Australasia, Bryce Alton to talk influences on the designs and cuts, the process of creation, his favourite pieces and much more. Join the conversation!

Thanks for catching up Bryce! For those who don’t know, can you give us a run down on what your role at Nudie Jeans is and what it’s all about?
Sure thing, thanks for having me! I am the CEO of Nudie Jeans Australasia, responsible for Australia/ New Zealand / Thailand/ Malaysia /Hong Kong /Indonesia and Singapore markets.

I basically call myself the ‘Fireman’ of the business as I am seeking solutions and putting out ‘fires’. I also have the privilege of buying for all our stores which gives me great transparency on the brand performance and in touch with our own retail stores which I love.

The Tight Terry collection is a key collection for you right now. Can you give us a quick overview?
Tight Terry is a brand new fit which we have updated and perfected from a previous Nudie Jeans favourite.

It is a tight fitting narrow leg opening jean with a zip fly and tilted waist. This simply means that it sits higher in the back seat resulting in a better fit overall! Its adaptable and can be worn tight or slightly loose and great for both men seeking a tight fit or a girl seeking a straighter fit.

Where did you draw influence for the designs, styles and cuts?
For this season, we dug deep into the Swedish cultural history and found 3 parallel stories which we wanted to tell. In the lumberjacks and stonemason workwear, we found the inspiration for Folk Denim.

For the Folklore pieces, we looked closer at the traditional kurbit prints which we deconstructed and paired with the lumberjack checks. And with Folk Army, we drew ideas from military pieces back when there would be soldiers living in villages to protect it.

All three stories combined gave us the inspiration for the Fall 17 collection ‘Folk Life’.

Fall-17-week31-1_with logo
At the end of the day, who makes these calls and then gives the green light to go to production?
That would have to be the founder of Nudie Jeans, Maria Erixon herself! She is the Boss and her dream is the variable that maintains the brand’s direction and consistency whilst also providing exciting future projects.

Can you describe the process of creation? From picking materials and drawing designs to eventually holding the finished product?
This question is best for Maria and her team yet I know they gather a lot of inspiration by viewing well-worn loved ‘things’. This can be anything from a nice worn in leather chair to a fishermen’s worn-in knit that he has worn for decades.

It’s about taking care of the pieces we love and in order to do this; they need to be made correctly in the first place to allow them this opportunity.

With soooo much fast-fashion, most items aren’t built to last. Our goal and intentions are for every piece to have the ability to last and eventually end up in vintage stores looking as beautiful or more beautiful than when new.

What’s your favourite piece from this collection and why?
It would be impossible to choose one but here are some of my personal favourites! For jeans, it would be Tight Terry ‘Double Indigo’ (great mid blue jean with indigo weft!) and Tilted Tor ‘Everblack’ (which we are super excited about!).

Everblack is a new black fabric which we have developed that provides a stronger fixation resulting in great colour fastening properties. It also minimizes excess dye and stabilizes the little that remains. An Everblack jean will keep its pitch-black tone for 40 (or more) home washings!

Whereas for tops, it would have to be the Lenny jacket in both Indigo Steel and Wool Check! I feel that this jacket represents the collection best. It is such a timeless piece that you know will never go out of style and will last forever.

Apart from yourself, who were the key individuals involved?
Our Team in Australia is quite tight and everyone at our HQ places a vital role given we are a smaller ‘version’ of the mothership HQ based in Sweden whereas you have a lot of KEY-players with much different responsibilities all equal in importance to Design to ensure that the brand is what it is today.

How does the collection differ from others you’ve done in the past? If it doesn’t, tell us about that too?
We always draw our inspirations from the birthplace of Nudie Jeans – Gothenburg, Sweden whilst at the same time keeping a strong core product range staying true to our Swedish heritage roots.

With this collection, we’ve introduced a new fit (Tight Terry) and a new black fabric (Everblack) which have already been very well received! We will continue to experiment with different fabrics and introduce new fits to keep things fresh in each collection.

What’s next to come?
For Pre-Spring 18, expect Nudie Jeans garments in dry’s and worn-in authentics replicating actual worn in garments. Also, a little 70s touch in there. We also have some ‘secret’ projects that we have yet to announce – stay tuned as there are some BIG things happening early 2018!

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