Behind The Collection: Volcom's Cancel History Collection

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posted by James Willmott

Whether through films, photos, music, and art, the story of Volcom’s past is perfectly preserved and something that will go down in history for generations ahead to admire.

When the brand’s movement began back in 1991, surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding were not mainstream pursuits; they were fringe subculture—outcast and underground, powered from within by the energy of youth. Fast forward to present day, Volcom still live by the sword of their prestigious past, relaunching their original messages of these cultures with the Cancel History capsule collection. Timeless, simple designs bringing the nostalgic past to you – now.

To capture the collection in all its glory, Volcom rounded up four of their best from each sport, skateboarders Alec Majerus and Omar Hassan, legendary snowboarder Jamie Lynn and surfer Noa Deane to tackle each domain on the very same day. Hitting the slopes at Mt. High, followed by a surf at Newport Beach, then finishing with a skate at the brands VIP skate park at their HQ. To learn how the day of days went down, we caught up with Alec Majerus. Join us as we celebrate 20 plus years with Volcom!

Hey Alec, how is it going? What you been up to?
Good man, just been skating and snowboarding a lot lately.

We know your rip on a skateboard, but how long have you been snowboarding and surfing?
I’ve been snowboarding since I was like 8. I’ve only surfed a few times though.

I heard you and your friends were psyched on snowboarding, surfing and skating in the same day, have you ever tried to do that before?
Nah I haven’t done that before. It’s always been a goal of mine.

What was the hardest part? The snowboarding, surfing or skating?
The surfing was so hard because the waves were pretty big and I was getting smoked!

How much did you snowboard back home in Minnesota?
I used to do a lot of backyard snowboarding growing up because I couldn’t skate.

A lot of people say snowboarding and skateboarding are very similar but still different, what are your thoughts? Do you find snowboarding easier since you rip so hard on a skateboard?
Yeah, I think if you can skate you can easily learn to snowboard and vice versa.

You’ve skated some pretty monster rails but have you ever hit one on a snowboard?
Yeah, I lipslid and 5050 on a 16 when I was younger.

I remember you were living in a studio apartment in Huntington Beach with all your Minnesota homies for a minute. Did you ever surf when you were living by the beach? 
Nah, I didn’t surf until I moved to Costa Mesa. Wish I would have took advantage of that though!

Between the dudes you did this epic day with, Jamie Lynne, Noa Deane and Omar Hassan, who were you more impressed with as far watching them do a board sport they’re not known for?
Noa said he had never snowboarded before and we took him to the top and he did it without falling. I was tripping on that!

Love Volcom? Tune into their episode of Behind The Brand below, and shop the Cancel History collection HERE.