TELO ISLANDS: We're Giving Away The Trip Of A Lifetime

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posted by jbrebner


The life of a surfer includes a heavy dose of living in the future. We’re always dreaming of the next solid swell, the next uncrowded line-up, the next influx of offshore winds and lines groomed to perfection. For most of us though, everyday life tends to crowd out those elusive daydreams, with a steady onslaught of bills, appointments and the “9-5 grind” that keeps us wheezing our way through the rat race.

Luckily for us though, we have the likes of Resort Latitude Zero waiting in the wings to make damn sure that we get our fix of “pinch-me-I’m-dreaming” conditions. Floating on the remote peripheral of the Southern Hemisphere, their fleet of yachts, speedboats and luxury island bungalows act like a beacon of hope to wave-starved dreamers and core-surf frothers alike, delivering a steady stream of surfed-out punters back home in a happy haze.





The resort itself is located off the coast of Sumatra right in the centre of the Telo Island Chain (on its own private luxury island) and boasts an impressive array of fishing, snorkeling, speedboat tours, and island-hopping options. This alone would be enough to draw in the punters, but the real icing on the cake is the abundance of empty, glassy, world-class waves within a short boat trip every single day. The region boasts over 26 breaks ranging from hollow A-frame peaks, to fast punchy rights, to powerful walled-up lefts, to gentle sand-bottom peelers. There is literally a wave available for every swell direction and every style and level of surfing – from beginner to advanced.

And when you’ve had your fill and it’s time to haul your sun-fried self back to the waiting boat every arvo, you can rest assured there’s a bounty of cold Bintang awaiting you and the crew, and a solid Nasi Goreng back at the pool overlooking the ocean.

All we can say is … dreams are free, and so is entering this comp!