Stomping Ground: Sam Atkins

    posted by James Willmott

    Skateboarding. From parks, to street spots, schools and everything in between, skateboarding is a way of life, a way for different individuals to express themselves through unique styles, techniques, attitudes and more. Now a worldwide phenomenon on a steady growth path, it’s no secret certain spots and influences alter a skater’s perception of how they want to be perceived.

    So, how exactly do these spots and influences – places of residence, scenes, heroes and parks – shape a skater? That’s what we are here to investigate.

    Welcome to the latest installment of Stomping Ground with Element family member, Sam Atkins.

    “A lot of the guys that I first skating with, well it was good for me because I was the young guy and I could sort of watch them and learn from their mistakes. They would teach me lessons. They taught me how to keep my mouth shut and just skate, and not get stuck into partying too much.”


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