Behind The Collection: The Hidden Way Summer Range With Renae Harris

    posted by jbrebner

    Hot summer mornings, mango for breakfast, bare feet and sun-bleached hair .. Summer is the kind of magic we’re all on board for and this year we’ve got even more to look forward to with the release of the latest range of smocks and swimwear from The Hidden Way. The collection is a little bit whimsical and very, very dreamy with a definite focus on the feminine allure of floral prints, subtly rich tones and a smattering of the fine details that keep us coming back for more.

    After getting a sneak peek at the upcoming collection, we were lucky enough to catch the talented Renae Harris for a chat. Renae is the designer of the range and a driving force behind the key pieces we’re seeing this season from The Hidden Way. Join us as she explains the inspiration behind the designs, what it was like shooting the campaign with photographer Carly Brown, and her favourite go-to styles for summer!


    Thanks for catching up, Renae! Let’s get to it. Tell us all about the new collection that’s just landed in time for summer!?
    Thanks for having me! This range is all about ease; it’s about having your favourite items that you love all summer. It’s about taking it easy, creating memories and spending the whole day at the beach with your ladies.

    How does the design process play out and do you have a favourite part?
    It’s all pretty organic around here… It usually starts with a lot of daydreaming, visiting new places and getting inspired. Then the first thing to come together is the prints and fabrics and this is most definitely my fav part. I love patterns and fabrics and putting different combinations together to create a collection.

    Where did the inspiration come from?
    This time we kept it simple and the inspiration definitely came from my favourite place – the beach. I guess it’s about how this magical place brings my nearest and dearest all together.

    How does this collection differ from the last?
    Just a whole lot of newness really!

    The campaign imagery is a treat. Where was it all shot and who were the key individuals involved?
    I’m so happy with the campaign – everyone involved really came together and I think we created something pretty amazing! Carly Brown took the photo’s and we had beautiful Holly Arabella and Charlie Austin modelling. The whole crew here put in a lot of love to get it all happening – so a big thank you to everyone.

    What will we catch you in this summer?
    I’ll be lazing around in plenty of smocks this summer – so easy to chuck on and get out the door.

    Now that it’s launched, how did you and the rest of The Hidden Way crew celebrate?
    We got a bit excited and celebrated the wrap up of the photo shoot – we couldn’t wait for launch date!