Behind The Collection: The Beach People's 'Bedouin Journey'

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posted by James Willmott

Welcome to hazy days spent drifting through the midday heat surrounded by an array of exotically inspired beach-wares of the highest quality. From tassel-edged heavy roundie towels, to soft beach cushions, to macrame and jute bags – The Beach People’s latest collection channels the muted sandy tones of a summer dunescape while delivering the functional, effective designs we’ve grown to love.

With our imaginations captured by the Bedouin-style influence visible in the textiles and prints of this collection, we decided to track down one half of the talented sister-duo responsible for the pieces we’re seeing on site currently. Join us as we chat with Victoria Beattie, Co Founder of The Beach People, and a lover of all things coastal. Learn about her and her sister Emma’s unique, seafaring childhood and how it influences their work today, what their design process involves, and how they are working to support the Great Barrier Reef Foundation with every purchase.

Join the conversation!


Victoria, thanks for catching up! Can you tell us about yourself and your role with The Beach People?
Hello, yes, sure! My name is Victoria and I am one half of The Beach People. I live in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales with 3 boys. My man Jesse, son Theodore and dog Duke.

We’re stoked to have The Beach People finally drop on site!!! Describe how the brand first came to fruition and why you chose seaside luxe essentials as your marketplace?
My sister Emma and I were sitting on the beach one day and quite simply Emma turned to me and said “I think I might have tacos for dinner… and I think I am going to make round beach towels… would you like to do that with me?” I said “yes” to both things and we ate taco’s and started The Beach People that week. The Beach People is just a reflection of the things that Emma and I love and the aesthetic feels quite natural to us.

Where are you based?
Our office is on the border of NSW/QLD and we live just south from there… it’s paradise really!


Can you give us a rundown of the collection now on SurfStitch and the influences behind the designs and styles?
This season is called The Bedouin Journey. I was really inspired by nomadic living and the Bedouin lifestyle, always traveling and keeping little treasures from your adventures in your home where ever that may be. The middle eastern textiles of mud cloth and kilim were a real inspiration for the range.

Describe the process from first putting pen to paper in the design process to eventually holding the finished product?
It’s such a lovely process. Emma and I work together to come up with the concept, the story and the inspiration. For me it’s usually while I am traveling.

I am very inspired by new cultures and story telling. Emma is inspired by architecture, fashion, design… she’s textile mad! Then we bring that all together to the craziest of mood boards, which includes key statements, stories and images and present it to our team with a list of products that we need to create from the mood board. Then that’s just the start! From there we work with our team of designers and illustrators to design design design, sample sample sample… then we select our collection. Then we make sure it’s true to the inspiration and our story and we start on how to shoot it… it’s a labour of love!

So quality is obviously of huge importance in everything you develop?
Absolutely! We took over a year to produce the first round beach towel, there weren’t any on the market globally when we began manufacturing and it took 10-12 samples to get it right! Then we test test test, wash, use, wash, use, wash, use. We have always said that we want our products to not only look fantastic but to be usable for years to come…


What about the prefect environments for your products?
We’ve expanded our beach collection this season to make sure we are covering every environment from poolside to seaside… and we’ve bought our seaside luxe vibe indoors this season with our bath and bedding collection which we are very proud of as well!

Tell us about your relationship with community projects, in particular the Great Barrier Reef?
Emma grew up on our parents yacht, living on board and sailing around the pacific islands. We’ve spent quite a lot of family holidays around the reef and really felt compelled to incorporate the foundation into what we do. We gift $5 from every Original Jute Bag Sold online to the foundation.

What’s one message you want our audience to know?
That we, The Beach People wish you and your friends your BEST Summer yet…