Behind The Brand: Levi's

    posted by James Willmott

    Ever wondered what happens behind closed doors at your favourite labels? We’ve got you covered!

    Join us for the next installment of Behind The Brand – handcrafted episodes connecting you with the cultures, processes, creative spaces and key individuals behind your favourite brands; direct, exclusive and live to your very own screens.

    In this episode, we hang out with Luke Alabakis, Jack Rouse and the rest of the crew at Levi’s. Join us for a VIP look into their Melbourne based HQ, then take to the streets to learn how the cultural hub inspires the team. Tune in with your favourite pair of denim as we showcase why working at Levi’s is so special!

    “As you may not know, back in 1873 two guys, Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss, came up with the idea to put a copper rivet onto denim work pants and that was essentially the birth of the blue jean. It’s really important for us to tell our story and tell the history of the brand that we all love so dearly.” – Luke Alabakis, Key Account Manager.