Ladies Of The Sea: Nikki Van Dijk

    posted by James Willmott

    Surfers have, for a long time, dedicated their lives to harvesting the ocean’s beauty, viewing it from different angles, conquering its dangers and appreciating its peacefulness. They’ve seen more sunsets, rain squalls, bait balls, cyclones and coastlines than almost anyone, and relish its innate unpredictability in a kind of ‘dance’ with nature.

    There’s nothing quite like it… The style, flow and elegance of a talented surfer, as she draws unique lines on an untouched wave-face, truly making a magic on her very own blank canvas. It’s more of a ‘divine pursuit’ than a ‘pastime’.

    And it’s with that, we welcome you to Episode 3 of Ladies of The Sea, featuring Nikki Van Dijk.

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