Trend Edit: 4 Seasonal Staples We’re Backing This Summer

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posted by jbrebner

Summer’s in full swing and we’ve got our style faves well and truly dialed-in.  We’re slipping into well-worn staples and trusty originals and repping them from head to dusty toes. It’s the summertime and we’ve let our guard down, we’ve cleared the schedule, we’ve made room for the things that matter … morning dips, party nights, mangos on the menu and the smell of coconut in the air; road trips, cruisey tunes and bare feet down to the corner store. For the tried and true summer styles that will take you from your skatey, to the beach, to the bar then under the stars – read on for the seasonal staples we’re backing this summer!

1. Vintage Tees
There’s nothing that says laid back summer street style more than vintage and graphic tees – especially when they throwback to the days of 90s grunge and massive brand presence from the likes of Nike, Adidas, Lee Jeans and Levis (or the heyday of legendary bands like ACDC, Pink Floyd, Slayer and more). Either way, they’re a sure thing when it comes to channeling a little understated summer attitude.



2. Original Kicks
When it comes to footwear, our appreciation for brand longevity extends beyond the vintage tee to the tried and true originals of urban style: Cons and Vans. As the saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.



3. Denim Overalls
There’s nothing that says ‘free spirit’ quite like your favourite pair of worn-in denim overalls (hell, any denim for that matter!). Whether it’s skinny, slouchy or borrowed from the boys, you can’t tame us when we’re running amuck in our denim.



4. Wide Brim Hats
They’re the finishing touch to add both credibility and sun-sense to any summer get-up: the wide brimmed hat. Why do we back them? Because they effortlessly take your dusty ensemble from drab to legendary, and UV damage is no joke, y’all. From felt to straw, from fedora to drifter, all it takes is a single wide brim hat to tell the world what you’re about this summer. Live a little!