Lara Worthington In Surprise New Role With Zulu & Zephyr

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posted by jbrebner

Lara Bingle (or Lara Worthington as she’s known these days), is the woman who shot to international fame as a teen after uttering the renowned question “where the bloody hell are ya?!” in an Australian tourism ad back in 2006. With her quintessential Aussie good looks, Lara rode a swift path to the modelling high life which culminated in her hit reality TV show ‘Being Lara Bingle’.

These days, Lara can be found in New York, where she lives with actor husband Sam Worthington and kids Rocket and Racer. She’s also busy as the founder and CEO of The Base – a tanning and cosmetics line created right here in Australia.

With her easy, natural style and keen eye for trends that are always one step ahead of the curve, it’s no surprise that Zulu & Zephyr have just announced the perfect pairing – Lara Worthington is on board as Creative Director for 2018!

Zulu & Zephyr Director Candice Rose-O’Rourke said it best herself when she explained that “Lara understands the effortless and natural Australian girl, but more than that, her beauty brand The Base reflects the same minimal and laid back aesthetic that Zulu & Zephyr does. We knew together, we could create a unique campaign that resonates with our girls.”

Lara kicked off the new partnership with a bang by directing Zulu & Zephyr’s latest campaign shoot for their upcoming collection titled “Cami”. Shot in the Santa Monica Hills, Lara says that “the campaign is all about the earthy terrain, that dusty feeling of being off the beaten track. And I think we really captured that”.

Scroll through for the behind-the-scenes shots of Lara in action on the day!


Photos courtesy of Zulu & Zephyr