How To Put In And Remove Your Futures Fins With Wade Carmichael

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posted by James Willmott

Welcome to ‘How To’, a walk through tutorial series highlighting the best (and occasionally quirky) steps to efficiently tackle whatever challenge is presented to you!

How do you set up a skateboard? How do you put a tailpad on a surfboard? What’s the best way to style your Chuck Taylor’s? All this and more now answered for you, through the eyes of those most involved in each individual industry.

In this episode, Wade Carmichael runs us through the ins and outs of Futures Fins and their set ups. How easy are they to put in and take out? Press play below and find out!

What you’ll need: A surfboard and some Futures Fins.

Putting the fins in:

  1. Make sure your screws are out.
  2. Sometimes you get a bit of fiberglass stuck in the fin plug; l just give it a quick check.
  3. Put the heel of the fin into the plug first. Jam it in the back and then rotate the fin straight in.
  4. Push the fin all the way down. Sometimes it gets stuck but you just got to jam it in there. Boom, easy!
  5. Now that it’s in, just screw the fin in. You don’t want to push the screw all the way in though. Just screw in until it touches and so the screws aren’t moving. Just a light touch. Then you’re good to go.

FACT: You can screw it too far, and start cracking fins, you don’t want that!

Taking the fins out:

  1. Screw it all the way out, but you don’t want to get the whole screw out. Just get it so it’s showing.
  2. They can get really stuck sometimes when they get water suction in there. You just want to push down the tip of the fin, and they should just pop out pretty easy.