Catch Surf & SurfStitch Present: Harry Bryant

    posted by James Willmott

    Every now and again, a certain individual graces an industry that seems to push boundaries of their pre-accessors. Not necessarily in a bad way, but more in a motivational ‘woah! look at what this guy is doing! I want to be like that’ kind of way. We all know those type of people, whether it be your Eric Koston’s in skate, your Beyonce’s in music or your in Steve Job’s in tech, the concrete stamp they leave is truly something to admire and appreciate.

    Surfing on the other hand, is its own kettle of fish. An activity that continues to bring mindblowing individuals, for one to stand out, it really means they are bringing something phenomenal to the table. Sunshine Coast’s very own Harry Bryant is one of those people. If progression, excitement and straight up madness were all used to describe him, that would be touching the very top 1% of the tip of his iceberg.

    A master of innovation, the captain of all things fun knows what’s going on under his feet more than most, and it’s abundantly clear in this latest edit, a collaboration piece between SurfStitch and Catch Surf. Accompanied by filmer and buddy Dave Fox, join Mr. Bryant as he carts his Catch quiver (you can shop it HERE) up and down Australia’s East Coast in search the perfect testing grounds and endless laughs.

    Catch 2